WBG Capital means We Biz Global a Capital Company

2018 Experiences 

I've learned a lot thanks to very special people who entrusted me with large amounts of money to learn the lessons of the duties of my business.

I don't appreciate being thought of or insinuated as anyone more than performing my legal business. 

I don't appreciate any banker who caused severe financial loss on a whim of wrong decision for any reason or anyone with intentional deceit as to who I am or the performance of my business activity. There is no excuse for an attempt to stop my business without any evidence whatsoever.

I don't hire bankers of banks or anyone to regulate my business.

2019 now after severe disgust against my person and business I continue with assurity I am still trusted by the reports monthly I filed in 2018.

With great thanks from this trust I work around how the wire services and banks refuse money wired to areas I am not associated to scams, but because those areas are high traffic of scams all people are being considered scammers sender and receiver being denied wires from many areas of the world. I also work around the bankers who have reaked havoc on my financial earnings.

I don't hire a baby sitter either for my business and I am not in business to be controlled by activity from anyone only work with who I work with in my business.

I follow all federal, state and local laws as well as do my best to keep abreast of all country laws by global definition.

There is always a sad day in America or anywhere when anyone will state anything even when not true.  Speculation is not fact.

I can't imagine how many people have been hurt by this type of behavior.

I don't solicit for business online, in physical form and I take no solicitation for business online, in physical form. If you have a need to contact please have verifiable details. I perform a background check and use other securtiy measures. I will then let you speak with my finance manager or attorney.

Elizabeth Vitale
WBG Capital
California Licensed
P.O. Box 3034 Newport Beach, Ca 92659
Phone (949)351-5740


Management Services NAICS Code 561110