WBG Capital means We Biz Global a Capital Company

Management Services NAICS Code 561110

WBG Capital manages client/investor money from businesses/individuals by paying bills to and from recipients/beneficiaries/clients/investors. I am not an investing firm or an investor for investors. I do not manage client business only request for their financial wants and needs.

works with colleges and organizations/ to provide college money,  global money,  loan repayments, heritage funds, financial gifts, project funding to and from clients/investors not limited to, also process of money from colleges for college funds to recipients/clients, foundations/charities. 

purchases for clients/investors/recipients/beneficiaries when the request arises as well as other assistant services as requested.

WBG Capital is  PERSONAL ASSISTANT on a large scale business experience.

Elizabeth Vitale
WBG Capital
California Licensed
P.O. Box 3034 Newport Beach, Ca 92659
Phone (949)351-5740


Thank you for your business 2018-2019.

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